Ruby is known for its power, simplicity, clarity, yet like any other language can be obfuscated to the point of near unreadability. With Ruby's ability to write short and clear code, the next logical and insane step was to make it unreadable yet still accomplish something useful. Remembering the days of the IOCCC, SeaForth proposed that a contest be held yearly or biannually for Ruby. If for no other reason having far too much time on his hands and the sheer love of obscurity in all things.

Saturday, March 26, 2005

2005 IORCC Cross-Bloggin'

Great big thank you to the following sites:

Ecto Blog
Ruby On Rails Blog
Stephen Sykes IORCC Judgeshipness
Pipe, for OS X.
RedHanded: One Stop Ruby!
Matz (Ruby Creator) Blog
Haiku News

Nice to see some folks taking notice of the IORCC and its goals to help make programming fun again.