Ruby is known for its power, simplicity, clarity, yet like any other language can be obfuscated to the point of near unreadability. With Ruby's ability to write short and clear code, the next logical and insane step was to make it unreadable yet still accomplish something useful. Remembering the days of the IOCCC, SeaForth proposed that a contest be held yearly or biannually for Ruby. If for no other reason having far too much time on his hands and the sheer love of obscurity in all things.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

HINTS: Supplemental Puzzle Fun

To make life a little less boring for contestants and judges of the 2005 IORCC event, a crossword puzzle was constructed over a 7+ hour period all about Rubies. Ruby the programming language, Ruby the precious stone, and of course some 'Ruby' personalities. Here's a link that will get you to the IORCC XWord Puzzle:

The first person to email an correct/complete word list to the crossword wins one nice prize from the Official 2005 Sponsors Page. Hints will be given here daily from March 23rd to March 31st, 2005. One to two written clues/hints for particular words will be given as Blog entries.

Enjoy and Cheers,

Todd Nathan
IORCC Founder


  • At 3:35 AM, Blogger International Obfuscated Ruby Code Contest said…

    To clearify:

    Q: Are the words/answers unique?
    A: Yes, and case insensitive

    Q: Do any of the answers contain punctuation?
    A: Yes, at least on answer contains punctuation.

    Q: Are special characters in any of the words.
    A: Yes, however there are no dashes, or whitespace.

  • At 10:47 PM, Blogger International Obfuscated Ruby Code Contest said…

    Hints and Tips #2

    OOPS, I found a letter-block missing in the generated puzzle. 65 across is one block short. The corrected updated IORCC Crossword Puzzle is now online, and fortunately it seems to NOT have ruined the puzzle in whole and doesn't seem to affect 60 down or 58 down or 36 down. This is good news for me, and I hope it is good news to you too. I'm sorry for the mistake. This error was my fault.

    HINT: 65 across, is a line of ruby code, includes the chars ( ) , .

    HINT: 23 down, Boomtown singer played a colorful character (named after a most particular panther) in this movie.

    HINT: 76 down, half toned isn't white or black, often comes with age.

    I hope these make it a little easier. I know the puzzle is pretty hard. To date I have not received a completed puzzle. The first person to submit to the Official IORCC email address the above linked puzzle completed without errors will win a VERY nice item from one of the Official 2005 IORCC Sponsors.

  • At 12:30 PM, Blogger International Obfuscated Ruby Code Contest said…

    2005 IORCC Crossword Puzzle
    Hints and Tips #3

    Hint: 59 Across, Once known for his new millenium adventures, this man's deep sea love became his passion. He call what country his home?

    Hint: 31 Down, Maybe the crime of last century, the 70s 'trashy' rockers sang this no less than 25 times in one song.

    Hint: 57 Across, One may practice this while thinking.

    Hint: 20 Down, Mardis Gras gets 'Phat' on this day.

  • At 3:03 AM, Blogger International Obfuscated Ruby Code Contest said…

    Hints and Tips #4
    Sponsorship Focused Hints

    Hint: 14 Across, The definition of a serious security library

    Hint: 22 Down, This #ruby-lang character is 'breaking stuff and doing evil all the time.'

    Hint: 48 Down, ruby and scheme are but two languages which can push state, and allow you to call back to it.

  • At 2:28 PM, Blogger International Obfuscated Ruby Code Contest said…

    Hints and Tips #5
    2005 IORCC Crossword Puzzle

    Hint: 77 Down, call this number 1 800 448 3543, and give this now. The life you save could be your own.

    Hint: 81 Across, a very popular irish canine

  • At 12:03 AM, Blogger International Obfuscated Ruby Code Contest said…

    2005 IORCC Crossword Puzzle
    Hints and Tips #6

    Hint: 9 Down, While some understand this to be a speech impediment, others find it sexy.

    Hint: 75 Down, While 'looking through the looking glass', their latest album marked 25 years of holding the line during the 70s pop rock movement.

    Hint: 48 Down, The act of sending a carbon copy through the public telephone network.

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